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Jamaica Health Tips Online FAQ's 

Is Jamaica Health Tips Online a subsidiary of the Jamaica Ministry of Health?

Ans: No, Jamaica Health Tips Online is owned by the Western Environmental Health and Food Inspection Agency 

Is Jamaica Health Tips Online selling any health products?

Ans: No, We do have affiliate links for recommended Amazon products and services. 


Where does Jamaica Health Tips Online get its valuable information?

Ans: From knowledgeable public health inspectors, nurses the wider online community, and other health personnel from around the country.

What is Jamaica Health Tips Online?

Ans: Jamaica Health tips online is a non-profit group that believes that our countries health needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs by providing all the information to help Jamaicans and the rest of the world practice healthy living habits..

Jamaica Health Tips Organisation lives by our mision statement doing everything to protect the environment and protect out health

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