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Nutraceutical; the hidden truth to a perfect health.

 My first encounter with this word was about five years ago in college. My lecturer had given us a paper to write on the difference between pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, which would include their pros and cons. What was astonishing to me then was why this approach to health care was not as popular as the pharmaceutical approach? 
Many have theorized that the drug industry is a very lucrative business and has the power to control the health care industry and the media. Adding to that point, there have even been reports of pharmaceutical companies manipulating doctors and even pharmaceutical representatives in promoting their drugs. 
Some even have said that the pharmaceutical industry by no means is in the business of health, healing, cures or wellness but rather disease maintenance and symptom management. In other words, if all our illnesses were to be cured and the population had optimum health, there would not be the need for the pharmaceutical industry, which reiterates the point that they do not intend to cure diseases. With that in mind, nutraceutical which is a "Food, or parts of food, that provide medical or health benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease,"(DeFelice, 1989), maybe very foreign to many Jamaicans, more so the multifarious health benefits that are attributed to their products. Against that background, here is a list of some common foods and their health benefit that we should incorporate in your diet.

It is important to know that a lot of our pharmaceuticals are manufactured using synthetic product e.g. minerals obtained from stones. Stone was never apart of man’s diet hence, some of these product do not benefit us in anyway but rather a placebo effect. To couple with that point, most nutrients used to make pharmaceutical products are extracted from it source and added with other nutrients and by-product such as enzymes which may not result in the same effects or benefits as it would in its natural form. In conclusion, my intention is to solely educate all Jamaicans of the benefits of taking a holistic and natural approach to their health. Healthy environment = healthy food = healthy people take your health in your own hands today.

Do you think you could survive without pharmaceuticals?

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