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February 2012

Do you know if your barber and hair dresser is clean and safe.

As Jamaicans do know if our Salons or Barber Shops are clean and safe?
They may not be, Jamaicans tend to assume that if a hair dresser shop or barber shop is operating for years then it must be safe. But that is not true, getting haircuts, and various other services poses a risk to everyone’s health if not operated correctly. Some things to keep in mind are poorly trained technicians, and dirty or illegal instruments.
In Jamaica with the standards sometimes not being clear to everyone, inspectors say there are many shops which sometimes do not meet the public health standards. Sometimes in some salons and barber shops there are old and dirty equipment’s being re-used when they should have been thrown away.
The reality is, salons and barber shops can harbor dangerous infection-causing bacteria and viruses, including MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and even hepatitis B.
Visiting them has become a case of ‘customers beware’ and it is up to us to protect ourselves.
Do you know if your hair dresser or barber is practicing healthy habits?
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