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December 2011

Healthy Resolutions for 2012

For many Jamaicans New Year's resolutions are linked to health - we say we are going to stop smoking, get healthy and lose weight - but so many Jamaicans with these good intentions fall by the wayside before January is over. So, why do we Jamaicans find it so hard to stick to our resolutions and how can we make 2012 any different? January can be pretty unwelcoming.
When the pleasures of Christmas and the New Year celebrations are gone, after all the seasonal treats, money is as tight and our clothes gets even tighter. What will we do? We promise ourselves that next year we change everything. We say we are going to join a gym and work out 5 times a week and we will cut off junk food and only drink water.It’s a pity we don’t stick to it. With such dramatic goals, we are usually setting ourselves up to fail. But, always remember it can be done...
Here are some things to think about as you make your 2012 resolution.
* Find out what changes you want to make and write them down.·
* Don't be scared of the list you wrote, just tackle them one by one.· 
* Be realistic and honest with yourself·  
* Try to make your goals ambitious and specific.· 
* Try to get a friend or family member as a partner for motivation.
What are your health related new years resolution for 2012?