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October 2010

Stress At Work

Many Jamaicans from time to time get stressed out at work, and do not know how to handle it. Stress can cause us as Jamaicans to get very sick, so we should practice healthy ways of dealing with stress. Don't fight stress by drinking alcohol or by eating sweets and junk food. Instead, learn to relax, and try some deep-breathing exercises. Lie on your back (if possible) during which you close your eyes, consciously relax every muscle of your body from your face down to your toes, and focus on your breathing for 5 to 10+ minutes each day.
You can also listen to de-stressing songs when you are on break. 
Use specially created music or words that are designed to stimulate and relax the brain, release healing hormones, and dramatically release stress that has been frozen and encapsulated in the body.  Limit sugary and caffeinated beverages, that's a recipe combination of progressive health deterioration. Moderate caffeine consumption doesn’t seem to be harmful for most people. But recent studies suggest that when men who have both high blood pressure and a family history of hypertension drink a lot of caffeinated beverages while under job stress, they may experience a dangerous rise in blood pressure. some info sourced from www.212articles.com

Do you find yourself getting stressed out often at work?

Limit cell phone use by children.

So you have your new Iphone or Blackberry and your child or little brother and sister just loves to play with it. There is still no official survey on the safety of cell phone use by children in Jamaica; many countries overseas have always recommended that children’s use of cellular phones should be minimized. 
The UK Government formed the Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones (IEGMP)
 Their report, Mobile Phones and Health, was released in April 2000. In regards to the use of mobile phones by children the IEGMP stated:  
"If there are currently unrecognized adverse health effects from the use of mobile phones, children may be more vulnerable because of their developing nervous system, the greater absorption of energy in the
tissues of the head and a longer lifetime of exposure. In line with our precautionary approach, we believe
that the widespread use of mobile phones by children for non-essential calls should be discouraged. We
also recommend that the mobile phone industry should refrain from promoting the use of mobile phones
by children." 
some info sourced from www.zakairan.com
So as Jamaicans please remember that your Blackberry should be used by you and other adults try not to let your child use it frequently.
Do you normally allow your child to play with your cell phone?