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 Taking good care of the elderly

Many younger Jamaicans today find themselves very busy with the hustle and bustle of work and other social activities. Not enough take the time to ensure they pay close attention to their elderly parents or grandparents health. It is very important to play an active role with helping the elderly stay healthy, ensure that you visit them and if they are on a specific doctor recommended medication, that you assist them in remembering to take it and help them do their regular doctor appointments. To see additional information on helping the elderly please see this week’s health blog

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Health Insurance In Jamaica

Do you have health Insurance? most Jamaicans do not understand the importance of health insurance. Even if you have health insurance though your job, what about your family members and loved ones, are they covered? Read this week’s blog to learn more about the importance of health insurance CLICK HERE

Health Tip Of the Week !! (Wednesday December 2nd, 2010)

Understanding HIV AIDS.

Do we as Jamaicans still view HIV AIDS as important and somthing we should be

careful of? learn more about HIV and AIDS in this weeks health blog Click Here

Limit Cellular Phone use by children

Do we as Jamaicans still view HIV AIDS as important and somthing we should be

careful of? learn more about HIV and AIDS in this weeks health blog Click Here

Limit Cellular Phone use by children

So you have your new Iphone or Blackberry and your child or little brother and sister just loves to play with it, but what are the health risks? To Learn more on this weeks health tip read our Blog by clicking here

Preventing Whooping Cough

Whooping cough is a highly contagious type. Transmission can occur via coughing patients who inhaled by healthy people. The disease is caused by Bordetella Bacterium, there is also caused B. parapertussis.Symptoms of whooping cough, among others:* Colds* Sneeze* Red eyes, watery eyes* Low-grade fever* Dry cough

TreatmentIf whooping cough is found in infants, they should be treated in hospital. Whooping cough is more dangerous for that age group, it is therefore important for babies to be immunized at the recommended age as specified by the local health officials.

Please visit your doctor or health center for more information.

Do most Jamaicans go to work when they are sick read our blog for information Click Here


In Jamaica today, one can not be too careful. Don't feel you do not need to protect your body from Std's. Many Jamaicans do take precaution, when it comes to safe sex, but there are many adults as well as teen's that feel they do not need to protect themselves against sexually transmitted deseases. Why would you wish to catch a disease that cannot be cured and spread it to your partner or partners? There are people that will say they never had a disease and may be lying about it, and then one catches a virus or Std.

If you are being pressured into having unprotected sex, from a boyfriend, grirlfriend or anyone, then this tells you that they do not care about you. You do not have to feel forced into doing something that you don't want to do. You can tell him or her that you only practice safe sex. If they mock you or belittle you, then simply leave, and if you're strong enough do not see this person again. 

Click Here to read more

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Preventing rat Infestation in Jamaica's communities

What attacts rats to our homes? Garbage and a comfortable place to nest.

The truth is rats will eat almost anything they can get and so its very important that Jamaicans understand this fact.

To prevent rats is mostly about controlling what attracts them more than getting rid of the rats themselves. That said, rats are not stupid either. When they've got a choice, they will go for carbohydrate and sugar-rich foods such as potatoes, cereals, cakes & sweets, bread and meat. Rats know that these foods deliver the most energy for the lowest risk.

Rats like to remain under cover, they will stick to dark corners and under-floor passages, then attempt to dig or gnaw their way into food storage areas. To learn how to prevent an outbreak in your home. Visit the Jamaica health Tips Blog Here

Some information has bee sourced from ( website.

Mosquito control, lets eliminate all these mosquitoes.

We all hate Mosquitoes, If you live in certain parts of Jamaica, mosquito-borne diseases is a serious risk in your day to day life. Over the last few years, even diseases that used to be limited to foreign countries are now gaining ground in Jamaica. Click here to learn more.

Jamaicans and healthy foods 

Growing healthy foods but not eating halthy foods, learn all the chalenges jamaicans hare having with maintaining a healthy diet. These problems are rising despite the fac that there is more than enough quality food grown in the islnd every year to allow the entire population to eat healthy. Click HERE to learn more.

Smoking kills, Stop Smoking!! Click here to see the blog post 

Smoking attacks aveoli of the lungs. They are the tiny round parts of the lungs that are responsible for exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide with capillaries in the lung area. Smoking destroys the aveoli or render them useless by overstretching them as in emphysema. So over time that is why a smoker gets out of breath easier. Oxygen is not been taking in as fast and carbon dioxide is not being removed as fast as if the person was not smoking. Smoking also leaves this tar like substances on lungs. Basically suffocating your lungs, and cigarettes do have carcinogens and so they can cause cancer.

FYI: Lung transplants are around 1million dollars and a life expectancy of 1-3years.

“A high per cent of lung cancer deaths are due directly to cigarette smoking", according to specialiosts, Women who smoke increase their risk of dying from lung cancer by nearly 12 times and the risk of dying from bronchitis and emphysema by more than 10 times. Between 1960 and 1990, deaths from lung cancer among women have increased by more than 400%--exceeding breast cancer deaths in the mid-1980s

Some information gathered from stop

Washing your hands how important is it?

Do we as Jamaicans understand the importance of washing our hands?

Click HERE to learn more about the importance of hand washing.

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