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July 2011

5 Tips for a healthy summer relationship

It is summer and many Jamaicans are cuddling up and doing many summer activities. Here are 5 healthy tips to keep in mind when with your spouse this summer.
Respect your partner- You MUST have respect for each other at all times.
2·  Understanding your partner – When in difficult times, understanding is sometimes the one thing that can save the love that exists, and when you give in to it, you will find that it’s much more fulfilling to compromise, regardless of mistakes or fault.
3· Communication with your partner – When things get rough, talk to each other. But remember, understanding and respecting each other. Be sure not to raise your voice and be aggressive. If you feel heated, take a walk, calm down and remember you love your partner. Even if you are dealing with hard issues, it is still important to talk it over. Let your partner know how special you think he is or how she makes you feel complete. Reinforce the good things that fill your life with comfort, if you want those things to live on. Make communication a common thing by reassuring each other that within the relationship exists a safe place to talk about any and everything.
4· Spontaneity –be spontaneous and see for yourself how it makes your partner feel. Try coming up from behind your spouse while he or she is doing some regular house work. Sneak up from behind them unexpectedly and caress them with suggestive tones. Find your spouse unknowing in an open room all to yourselves and walk right up to them and start to take their clothes off. Tell your spouse you want to run some errands together and take them to a hotel room. When your spouse wakes up to go to work- set aside some minutes for romance. A great start for a demanding work day!
ConfidenceBe confident, it is very attractive when someone exudes confidence in their life in general and especially in their love life. But be careful not to be egotistical. Be sure of yourself and this allows for progress, communication, effectives. This can even change the way you and your partner feel about each other. No Jamaican is born with all the right moves, or touches sexually. It sometimes takes practice and you have to be confident that you can handle it. Otherwise you’ll just end up worrying about it and that can be bad. Jump in, have some faith in yourself, ask questions when necessary, and get the ball moving!
Are you and your spouse having a healthy relationship this summer?