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April 2011

Working-Out at Home or Gym Membership

Which is better for Jamaicans, to spend the money for a gym membership or just do a workout at home? Then let's take a look as there are some pros and cons for each.
Benefits of Gym Membership
Now for Jamaicans there are quite a few reasons why a gym membership can have its benefits. First it’s a great way to hang out with friends and family members, and having a gym partner is a great way to stay motivated. It is also s great way to get out of the house especially for persons who work from home.
Gyms also offer a variety of classes such as Karate, YOGA and other exercises. At the gym one can also receive personal training and advice on what to do so you can be more effective.
Gym Membership cons

One of the few bad things about the gym when compared to home workout is that the gym will cost you money. For most gyms in Jamaica this is usually a monthly fee, however more gym are having special discounts which allow persons to sign up for a longer membership.

Which do you prefer? Working out at the Gym or working out at home?