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Sleep Paralysis; the spirit in your dreams.

Ever woken up from a bad dream, only to realize you are pinned down to your bed and cannot move?

 Read this weeks blog to learn more Click Here.

Five biggest mistakes we make when trying to lose weight.

As the reality of the New Year sets in, many Jamaicans are eager to drop all the pounds they have packed on during the festive season.  Needless to say though, a lot of us will be in the same spot as we were last year or even the year before. Read this weeks blog to learn more Click Here.

Hand foot and mouth disease; should you be worried?

With the recent buzz in the media about the outbreak of hand foot and mouth disease in our schools, Jamaican parents are frantic with fear and hoping that their children do not contract the disease. One of the latest news published by the Gleaner mentioned that there were approximately 313 reported cases of the disease from a total of 98 schools in the island.  The only four parishes that have not yet been affected are Trelawny, Hanover, Clarendon and Manchester. But what is this hand foot and mouth disease? Should you be worried? Read this  weeks blog to learn more  Click Here.

Indoor air pollution; the unexpected killer!!!

Over the past few months, the cries of many Jamaicans have been the sweltering heat and stifling humidity being experienced in our country.  As a result most persons are forced to stay inside, but could we be running from one health hazard into another? Read this  weeks blog to learn more  Click Here.

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Jamaicans Answer Questions Part 2
Sweetz takes to the streets of Montego Bay Jamaica again to find out if Jamaicans can answer some simple popular online questions.Like the video quality? here is the camera that we use for filming: ...

Nutraceutical; the hidden truth to a perfect health!!!

My first encounter with this word was about five years ago in college. My lecturer had given us a paper to write on the difference between pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, which would include their pros and cons. What was astonishing to me then was why this approach to health care was not as popular as the pharmaceutical approach? Read
this weeks blog to learn more Click Here.

Inspecting your Fruits and Vegetables!!!

It’s great to see many Jamaicans adding more fruits and vegetables to their diet nowadays, but eating healthy is not the only thing we should focus on. When purchasing our fruits and vegetables we tend to shy away from the ones that have been bitten by insects or that have insect parts on them, but are we really equipped with the correct information to identify good quality fruits and vegetables in the place? Read 
this weeks blog to learn more Click Here.

Corset waist training; the health risk with achieving the hourglass figure!!!

With the recent increase of corsets wearing by celebrities in Jamaica and around the world, many young women including myself have fallen prey to the delusion and false sense of true beauty in our society today. It’s our aim to achieve that hourglass figure portrayed on our television screens and fashion magazines by some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. But is it even safe or realistic for all women to look like Kim Kardashian or even Amber Rose? 

Cockroach infestation and its public health significance!!!

Cockroaches are one of the most repulsive and resilient pest encountered on a daily basis in a Jamaican home. Read this weeks blog and learn more about cockroach infestation in Jamaican homes. Click Here.

Check the label of products you buy!!!
Have you ever purchased an item in a food handling establishment, but only to realize later that the product is expired? Read this weeks Blog to learn what to do.
Three health tips you should always consider.

As the clock ticks and we approach the New Year, many Jamaicans are elated and fired up, knowing that they have another chance to pursue and achieve all their aspirations that did not materialized in 2014. Read this weeks blog to learn more CLICK HERE

Ebola virus in Jamaica; what are public health officials doing?

 With the recent chaos on the media about the deadly Ebola virus, many Jamaicans seemingly are concerned with the lack of information and surveillance being conducted by the public health officials in our island.
Read this weeks blog to learn more CLICK HERE
Chikungunya Virus.
Chikungunya is a viral disease that causes fever and severe joint pains. It is spread to human by bite of an infected mosquito. The aedes aegypti mosquitoes spread or pass on this virus. This type of mosquito also spreads the dengue virus.Read this weeks blog to learn more CLICK HERE

Check food labels before you buy.

As defined in the Collins English Dictionary, 1819 a fruit juice is a beverage made from liquid squeezed from a fruit or fruits. With that said, can we legally call juice from concentrate 100% fruit juice?  Read this weeks blog to learn more CLICK HERE
Things to look out for when buying fish.

Fish, when freshly caught, is relatively wholesome.  The quality of the fish starts to deteriorate as soon as it is taken from the water.  The principal cause of fish condemnation is decay. Read this weeks blog to learn the factors that are influencing the rapid spoilage of fish. Click here.
Eating Healthy This Christmas.
Well it’s just 3 days away before Christmas and Jamaicans are preparing for wonderful large cooked meals. Most Jamaicans do not realize that the food they consume during Christmas is usually high in fat and calories, but taking a closer look has revealed that there can be some hidden health benefits too. Click Here to read this weeks blog.

Get your food handlers permit.
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Food Handlers Permit in Jamaica
Here is another weekly Health Tips Video, designed to provide valuable health information for Jamaicans and the rest of the world. (Food handlers permit in Jamaica 2013)Visit our website: www.heal...

Understanding Dengue Fever.
 Dengue fever is an infection caused by a virus called Dengue virus. There are four different type of this virus, Dengue type 1, 2, 3 and 4.  A person can only be infected with each type once in their life. The virus is spread when a female Aedes mosquito bites an infected person and then bites other people.
Click Here to read this weeks blog and learn more.
knowing when eggs are safe to eat.
Eggs in Jamaica are one of the most economical and nutritious food known. It is important to however, not to mismanage eggs during the time of production through to consumption.  
This is because mismanagement may compromise the safety and the quality of the egg and consequently facilitates the growth of microorganisms, which can have a harmful effect on the health of the consumer.  Click here to read our blog to learn more.
HIV AIDS in Jamaica (2013)
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HIV AIDS in 2013
Here is the second of our weekly health tips videos, designed to provide valuable health tips for Jamaicans and the rest of the world. (HIV AIDS in 2013)REMEMBER YOU COULD WIN $200 FREE DIGICEL CR...

Health tip of the week !! (Sunday September 29, 2013)
Ensure your buying food from a  safe source.
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Weekly Health Tip
Here is the first of our weekly health tips videos, designed to provide valuable health tips for Jamaicans and the rest of the world.Visit our website: www.healthtipsja.com Like us on Facebook...

Did you know that most foods you eat are genetically modified?

In Jamaica we consume a wide variety of foods, from fruits to vegetables and also lots of meat. There has been a rise in the production of engineered food. Genetically modifying food sometimes involves infusing animal genes in crops and tampering with nature, it might not be good for consumption in the long run. Click Here to read our blog and learn more.
Jamaica Health Tips Online's YouTube channel is Now live
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Personal Hygiene 2013
Here is some information to keep in mind on personal hygiene.Please remember to subscribe for more videos.Visit our website at www.healthtipsja.com

Areyou purchasing your food from a safe source?
Food Vendor, healthtipsja.com
Food is a vital part of maintaining proper health and a nutritious diet.  If the foods we eat are not handled and prepared in a hygienic manner the consequences can be detrimental to our health. When purchasing our foods it is of critical importance that we pay special attention to the activities going on around us.  CLICK HERE to learn more in our blog.
Why do I need a food handlers permit?
food handler, healthtipsja.com
 According to the Public Health ( food handling ) Regulation, 1998 section 26 part 1 “ no person, including an operator, shall be employed in or assist in a food handling establishment unless he is the holder of a food handlers permit.” In addition to the section the Public health Act also states that any person who contravenes any provision made under this act shall be guilty of an offense and is liable under summary conviction in the magistrate court. Against that back ground we should not only look about our food handlers permit because the law states it. We should see the greater benefit that we can obtain in having the knowledge of how to prepare, store and serve food to the public in a safe and wholesome way. One concept we can embrace in ensuring that food is kept safe form the farm to the fork is that contaminants (biological, physical and chemical) are everywhere, even on the food. So we need to protect the food in such a way to reduce the existing contaminants on it and also prevent further contamination of it. 
Jamaican Food Handlers Clinic 
Jamaicans who wish to obtain their food handlers permit should keep in mind the following: New Applicants  will need 2 passport size pictures stamped and signed by a J.P. along with $ 500 or $600 Jamaican dollars based on the parish the clinic is being held in. Renewal: Will need the existing outdated food handlers permit card along with $ 500 or $600 Jamaican dollars based on the parish the clinic is being held in. Both new and renewal clients will have to sit through the food handlers clinic which will be conducted by a public health Inspector. Please keep in mind that it is possible that your card will not be returned immediately, so it is imperative that you always have your receipt. CLICK HERE to read more.
Hurricane awareness and preparation.
Flood, healthtipsja.com
History teaches that a lack of hurricane awareness and preparation are common threads among all major hurricane disasters. By knowing your vulnerability and what actions you should take, you can reduce the effects of a hurricane disaster. As we continue in the hurricane season it’s of vital importance that we put plans in place for the unexpected. It’s also never too late to know the meaning of words that are commonly used in the hurricane season, as this will ensure that the information you receive is clearly understood. CLICK HERE to read more in our blog.
Health and Safety in Early Childhood.
Child reading, healthtipsja.com
It’s that time of the year again when all eyes are focus on our children, May as we know it to be in Jamaica as “Child’s Month”. So as we look forward to that time it’s imperative that we the team at Jamaica Health Tips Online focus your attention on a very critical topic which is generally taken for granted.CLICK HERE to read more in our blog.
Proper sanitation will protect you from rats.
rats, healthtipsja.com
Rats are one of the most famous rodents known to man; their skillful and unique characteristics make them even harder to control. Nevertheless rodents are prolific poopers, hence this makes it quiet easy to identify an infestation. CLICK HERE to read more in our blog

Ensure your barber and hair dresser is clean and safe.
barber, healthtipsja.com
As Jamaicans do know if our Salons or Barber Shops are clean and safe?
CLICK HERE to read the Blog
Making a Healthy New Years Resolution for 2012
exercise, healthtipsja.com
For many Jamaicans New Year's resolutions are linked to health - we say we are going to stop smoking, get healthy and lose weight - but so many Jamaicans with these good intentions fall by the wayside before January is over...CLICK HERE to read the Blog
Staying healthy during Christmas
Health tips jamaiaa online Christmas Dinner
Well it’s just 2 months away before Christmas and Jamaicans are preparing for wonderful large cooked meals. Most Jamaicans do not realize that the food they consume during Christmas is usually high in fat and calories, but taking a closer look has revealed that there can be some hidden health benefits too. Click here to read the entire blog

Maintain a healthy relationship with your spouse this summer
health tips jamaica online black-couple-in-bed-talking
It is very important for Jamaican couples to practice healthy habits this summer.  to see 5 tips that will help Jamaican couples this summer.

Stay healthy during the summer
health tips online healthy summer
Its summer 2011 and many Jamaicans view it as the time to relax and have fun with the family.
It is very important to stay health conscious during this summer and here are some tips to keep in mind this summer Click Here to see the top ten tips.    

Be prepared for a Hurricane.
health tips online hurricane
Many Jamaicans do not think about hurricanes until a hurricane is close to the island. In case of a hurricane, every Jamaican should have a variety of supplies to handle any emergencies that may occur before or after the hurricane passes.
Click Here to read this weeks blog.
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